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Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat
Prajna Puram Campus, Opp. PRL, Between Govt. Girls Polytechnic and L.D College of Engineering,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 79 26302067
Fax No: +91 79 26302077
E-mail: osd.kcg@gmail.com



Shri K.B. Upadhyay (IAS, Rtd.),
CEO (KCG) & Director, Higher Education
Phone: (O) 079 26302067/77

Coordinator & Joint CEO

Shri I. R. Mansuri,
Additional Director, Directorate of Higher Education, Gandhinagar
Phone: (O) 079 26302067/77

Advisor - KCG

Prof. A. U. Patel,
(Formar Vice Chancellor Gujarat University)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77
Email-id: advisor.kcg@gmail.com


Dr. P.R. Patel,
O.S.D.(Account & Admin, Training & Capability Building, Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojna)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77
Email-id: osd.kcg@gmail.com

Dr. Yogesh Yadav,
O.S.D.(Extension(Saptadhara, Udisha, Central Placement Cell), State Nodal Officer(RUSA))
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77 (M) +91 9925047799
Email-id: ytyadav@yahoo.co.in

Prof. R.K. Shah,
O.S.D.(AISHE State Nodal Officer, Gujarat Mapping)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77 (M) +91 7574827504
Email-id: director-kcg@gujarat.gov.in

Prof. Hashmukh J. Patel
Phone: (O) +91 7574827490 (M) +91 9725459993
Email-id: sandhan.highereducation@gmail.com

Head of Initiatives

Sidat Mehzabin Salim,
HOI (Student Startup and Innovation Policy)
Email-id: mehzabinsidat.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Sachinkumar Dhaneshbhai,
HOI (PS office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: sachinpatel.kcg@gmail.com

Shah Apexaben Gopaldas,
HOI (Tablet Scheme, Education Loan, Education Fair)
Email-id: apexa.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Jalpaben Kalpeshkumar,
HOI (CHE Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: jalu_kanu@yahoo.co.in

Pal Ruma,
HOI (Research & Innovation, Industry Academia Council, SSIP)
Email-id: ruma.kcg@gmail.com

Trivedee Sandhya Dilipbhai,
HOI (HR Management, Career Guidance Cell, Website Development)
Email-id: strivedee.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Anjali Vipulbhai,
HOI (IT Management, E-Journal, Industry Academia Council, NAMO-WiFi Campus, Student Startup & Innovation Policy)
Email-id: anjalipatel.kcg@gmail.com

Pandya Purvi Hemantbhai,
HOI (Industry Academia Council, Student Startup and Innovation Policy, Legal Cell/ Corresponce with Universities and Colleges/Report Preparations)
Email-id: purvi.kcg@gmail.com

Gagnani Lokesh Pitambar,
HOI (Administration/Accounts, Campus Management)
Email-id: lokeshgagnani.kcg@gmail.com

Programme Officers

Shah Nilamben Mahendrakumar,
PO (PS Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: nilamshah.kcg@gmail.com

Vohra Sahimabanu Nurmahammadbhai,
PO (Research Workshop)
Email-id: sahima.kcg@gmail.com

Devani Jigisha Vijaykumar,
PO (Research Workshop, Industry Academia Council)
Email-id: jigisha.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Hiral Pravinbhai,
Email-id: hiralpatel.kcg@gmail.com

Bhogayata Krupa Maheshbhai,
PO (Education Department, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: krupabhogayata07@gmail.com

Soneji Kruti Mehul,
PO (Extention- Saptadhara)
Email-id: kruti.kcg@gmail.com

Dave Disha Jitendrabhai,
PO (Store (Administration), SANDHAN)
Email-id: dishadave.kcg@gmail.com

Joshi Bhumika Jagdishbhai,
Email-id: bhumika.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Viralben Dineshkumar,
PO (Education Department, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: viral.nikunj@gmail.com

Shah Dipeeka Rameshchandra,
PO (Career Guidance Cell, Website Development)
Email-id: dipeeka.kcg@gmail.com

Parekh Bhavin Bharatbhai,
PO (Administration/ Accounts, Education Loan/Education Fair, Industry Academia Council)
Email-id: bhavinparekh.kcg@gmail.com

Dr. Shah Sneha Hareshkumar,
PO (HR Management)
Email-id: snehashahkcg@gmail.com

Joshi Bhagyashree Bhaveshbhai,
PO (MYSY Technical, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: bhagyashree.kcg@gmail.com

Bhargav Binal Rajeshkumar,
PO (Student Startup and Innovation Policy, Career Guidance Cell)
Email-id: binal3011@gmail.com

Modi Sonali Anand,
PO (Education Loan)
Email-id: sonali.kcg@gmail.com

Solanki Kamlendra Singh,
PO (CHE Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: kamlendra.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Kinjal Kashirambhai,
PO (Website Development)
Email-id: kinjalpatel.kcg@gmail.com

Vasani Dhara Bhargav,
PO (Extention-Finishing School)
Email-id: dharavasani27@gmail.com

Makwana Nehal Rameshbhai,
PO (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: makwananehal27@gmail.com

Panchal Niral Ganpatbhai,
PO (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: niral.kcg@gmail.com

Dave Krunal Dilipkumar,
PO (Sandhan, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: krunaldave1991@yahoo.com

Purani Namrata Mrugesh,
PO (Administration/ Accounts)
Email-id: namratapurani.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Ami Vishnukumar,
PO (E-Journal)
Email-id: apatel.kcg@gmail.com

Makwana Krunal Pratapbhai,
PO (CHE Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: krunalmakwana001@gmail.com

Shah Dhvani Dipakbhai,
Email-id: dhvani1111.kcg@gmail.com

Trivedi Hetal Ashvinkumar,
PO (Career Guidance Cell)
Email-id: hetaltrivedi.kcg@gmail.com

Dave Jharana Jigar,
PO (MYSY Technical, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: jaldhara.kcg@gmail.com

Prajapati Niravkumar Anilbhai,
PO (Tablet Scheme, Education Loan)
Email-id: nirav.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Pragnaben Vishnubhai,
Email-id: pragna.kcg@gmail.com

Chauhan Dineshbhai Jomubhai,
PO (Industry Academia Council, Career Guidance Cell)
Email-id: chauhandinesh.kcg@gmail.com

Jalu Nirali Vinaykumar,
PO (Quality Assurance and Improvement, AAA)
Email-id: nirali.kcg@gmail.com

Vinzuda Nirmalkumar Ranabhai,
PO (Education Department, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: NVINZUDA@hotmail.com

Dixitkumar N Nagar,
PO (Minister's Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: nagardixit@gmail.com

Project Executives

Patel Anjaliben Dipakkumar,
PE (Tablet Scheme, Education Loan)
Email-id: anjali.kcg@gmail.com

Dave Bhumi Nareshbhai,
PE (Legal Cell/ Corresponce with Universities and Colleges/Report Preparations)
Email-id: bhumidave.kcg@gmail.com

Mehta Shivani Shaileshbhai,
PE (FDP-Training & Capability Building (Student Startup and Innovation Policy))
Email-id: shivanikcg@gmail.com

Prajapati Himanshu Bhaktibhai,
PE (IT Management)
Email-id: himanshuprajapati.kcg@gmail.com

Shah Vedanti Sureshbhai,
PE (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: vedanti.kcg@gmail.com

Kothari Nidhi Utkarsh,
Email-id: kcg.nidhi@gmail.com

Christian Stuti Prabodhbhai,
PE (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: stutichristian752@gmail.com

Makwana Vinodkumar Danabhai,
Email-id: makwana.vinod3@gmail.com

Joshi Bansari Girishkumar,
PE (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: bansri.kcg@gmail.com

Shah Nisargi Rajesh,
PE (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: nisargi.kcg@gmail.com

Charpot Nikita Fuljibhai,
PE (Research & Innovation)
Email-id: nikitacharpot.kcg@gmail.com

Prajapati Ravina Prahladbhai,
Email-id: ravina.kcg@gmail.com

Trivedi Yash Sudhirkumar,
PE (Administration/ Accounts, Industry Academia Council)
Email-id: yash.kcg@gmail.com

Munshi Rukhsar Abdulrashid,
PE (FDP-Training & Capability Building (Student Startup and Innovation Policy))
Email-id: rukhsar.kcg@gmail.com

Patel Zalak Bharatbhai,
PE (CHE Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: zalak.msw@gmail.com

Makwana Rimpalben Bharatbhai,
PE (Extention-Udisha)
Email-id: rimpal.kcg@gmail.com

Ganvit Nirmal Ramubhai,
Email-id: nirmal.kcg@gmail.com

Kanzariya Mukeshkumar Nanjibhai,
Email-id: mukeshkcg@gmail.com

Joshi Khushali Girishkumar,
PE (Administration/ Accounts)
Email-id: khushali.kcg@gmail.com

Parmar Jiteshbhai Jagdishbhai,
PE (IT Management, RUSA)
Email-id: parmarjitesh111@gmail.com

Dhamal Dharmendrakumar Tribhovanbhai,
PE (MYSY/CMSS/Kanyakelvani)
Email-id: dhamaldharmendra.kcg@gmail.com

Trivedi Samarth Ghanshyam,
PE (Administration/ Accounts)
Email-id: samarth.kcg@gmail.com

Vihol Ronaksinh Babuji,
PE (MYSY Technical, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: ronak.kcg@gmail.com

Legal Officer

Prajapati Rachana Gordhanbhai,
Legal Officer (CHE Office, Gandhinagar)
Email-id: rachanaprajapati1991@gmail.com