Academic and Administrative Assurance (AAA)

Manual for self study Report (AAA)

Manual for self study Report (AAA)

IIQA(Academic & Administrative Assurance(AAA)

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To facilitate excellence in higher educational institutions in the State for students by the stakeholders of higher education, primarily by teachers.


  • To facilitate awareness among Colleges in the State about processes and systems that can ensure quality enhancement and realization of goals set in higher education.
  • To move in the direction of an accreditation and Assurance system that enables mentoring more than monitoring.
  • To review the implementation of Government schemes in all colleges of the State.
  • To arrive at a GUIDE-AAA Score ( Gujarat Index for Development in higher education- Academic and Administration Assurance)by assessing specific parameters for development.
  • The GUIDE-AAA Score to be used as a tool to identify the areas for special focus and improvement.
  • To evaluate the performance of the institution and to identify the issues that are to be attended to in order to improve the quality of Teaching and Research.

Rationale/Justification :

Like all other institutions, higher educational institutions undergo financial Assurance. Keeping the inadequacy of financial Assurance in view, the UGC recommended AAA in the 9th plan because higher education in more than mere Assurance of financial Assurance as it involves administrative academic and social aspects as well of teaching, research & extension.

Moreover, during the last 5 years UGC has been advocating implementation of academic and administration reforms in consonance with changes at the international level.

In order to introduce academic reforms, review their progress and support reforms in different higher education institutions, it is necessary to implement AAA.